Here’s a website I recently overhauled. Edens Electric was an image only website, with a popup in separate window email form. Those types of websites do not work well for Search Engine Marketing since there is no actual text (search engine spiders can’t read images). I changed it into a HTML 5/CSS 3 website with a email form that pops up on top the content. The basic look is the same as the image, but it has been modernized – the corners have been rounded and the text is easier to read. Also the reviews management software I created has been added and I wrote a custom script to randomly display two reviews on the homepage.

Website Overhaul

The email form is a newly designed form that uses Javascript, PHP. jQuery and AJAX. It is more resistant to spam bots that search the web to fill out forms with spam without using annoying CAPTCHA. Also since the email address is not on the page, the spam spiders can not grab it to add it to spam lists.