Knights of Columbus State Council WordPress Plugin

Screenshot Star Council Scoreboard This plugin is for Knights of Columbus State Councils. It add two post types, Knights and Councils, for use in a directory. Each will have their own page. Also the list of councils is used for a recruiting and star council scoreboard. The scoreboard also has a separate list of Knights for showing an individual knight’s recruiting. This plugin was initially design for the Utah state council.

It is free and will be in the WordPress Plugins directory.


  • Council and Knight post types that create pages with email forms you can use in a directory
  • Shortcode for displaying a list of councils
  • Scoreboards shortcode for recruiting by knight, council and district
  • Scoreboard shortcode for showing which star council requirements a council has completed

Knight and Council Page

Once you create a knight or council post, you can link it to its page:
http://[site.domain]/council/[council #]


Recruiting Scoreboards [otgkofcs_scoreboard]

type: “councils”, “knights” or “districts” (default: none)
[otgkofcs_scoreboard type=”knights”]
[otgkofcs_scoreboard type=”councils”]

Star Council Status [otgkofcs_star_reqs]

Options: none
Examples: [otgkofcs_star_reqs]

Council Directory [otgkofcs_council_directory]

Options: none
Example: [otgkofcs_council_directory]

Council Box List [otgkofcs_council_box_list]

Options: none
Examples: otgkofcs_council_box_list]