Screenshot of Frontside Customer Profile This web app was custom designed for Shoreline of Tahoe’s Tahoe Snowboards Web Site and is now on Gondola Ski Tahoe’s site. It is used to reserve snowboards, bikes and skis to rent. The site it was installed on uses WordPress, so a plugin was developed for a smooth integration. A guest can store the information need to select a size and setup the equipment so when they come back they don’t have to enter it again. When making a reservation, the equipment options change (without a page reload) as you select different options. Payments are handled using Paypal. The admin side starts with a list of the current day’s reservations. The manager can view and edit them and any other visitor information. The program also creates the rental form already filled out on the fly. Coupon codes can be used and the number of uses are tracked. They can be limited to a certain number of uses or work only until a certain date. Tables in the admin area can be sorted by the column. All the information is stored in a database.
New Reservation Page on the Frontside
Frontside New Reservation Screenshot New Reservation Page in the Admin
Admin Screenshot