Small Business Websites

We can build a website for your small business that is easy for you to update. Our small business websites
are usually built on the WordPress platform and are customized for your business. We can even setup the website hosting and domain registration for you.

Repairs & Maintenance

We Fix Ugly Websites!
Do you have a website that needs a few things fixed or updated? Did you have someone really bad work on it and now it needs to be repaired? We have seen some pretty bad sites. We have worked on all kinds of sites that need to be fixed. Cleaning up sloppy and bloated code that creates the website will help it load better on visitors computers and also get better listings on search engines.

Basic HTML Websites

If you do not want anything fancy, we can build you a basic website. These sites are simple, fast and using the latest HTML and CSS standards. It can be setup so you can edit the text. We will work with you to figure out what is right.


Data is big today. We work on websites that use small or large databases. From creating to restructuring databases, we can take care of your data. We believe in streamlined databases and code to keep your website running fast. While we primarily work with MySQL, we do have experience with PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Filemaker databases.
We also can build an interface to your database to suit your needs. It can have multiple users with multiple access levels. Let us know what you need and we’ll see what we can build for you.
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Blog Sites

Do you need a new blog site? Do you have an existing site that needs work? We have years of experience in working with the most popular blogging software, WordPress. We can install and set up a blog site, create custom themes, secure the site and build WordPress plugins. If you have an existing site and want to convert it to WordPress with the same or similar look, contact us.

No Contract SEO

If you have a website, you probably want people to visit it. That is why search engine optimization is important. There are many companies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization. While we do not specialize in SEO, we do basic SEO optimizations. This takes care of the basics and makes sure your site can be seen by the search engines like Google. There are no monthly contracts, but no guarantees on getting your site listed higher. If you are looking to just get the basics done, the this is for you. We will install analytics on your site, pick out keywords to target, optimize the pages using those keywords and submit your site to Google and other search engines.
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We specialize in WordPress sites. Besides site setup, we build custom themes and custom plugins. Can’t find a plugin or theme that does what you want. We can build it for you.


We work on Magento 1 & 2, WordPress/Woocomerce, Shopify and custom eCommerce sites. Have something else? Ask us; we probably can work on it. We build and debug eCommerce websites. Also we can build themes, plugins and extensions for them.

Software Development

Need a cross-platform application? A website providing an interface to your database? Scientific programming? Let talk! We love working on those projects.

Our Latest Updates

Sloppy Webdesign Fixed

Did you hire a webdesign company only to be disappointed by the results? Is the overall design good, but there's some parts that do not look or work right? Do you have something in your site, like this image that make you wonder "why"? Contact us and we can fix your...

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Java Visualization Software

Chris built a Java program that used a visualization library that created these images from a dataset. There were multiple timesteps in the datasets, so the images could be combined into animations. The datasets were from a simulation of a coronal mass ejection from...

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Keep Your WordPress Sites Updated

Recently there has been a lot of WordPress sites being hacked. There was a vulnerability that was revealed recently that would allow a hacker to gain control over the site. It was fixed in WordPress 4.2.1, but all earlier version are vulnerable. It's important to...

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New Gear

Recently I upgraded my main computer to a new Toshiba laptop and my monitor to a 24" one and purchased a new BluRay drive for larger backups. The new computer is an overdue upgrade and much faster which will allow me to work even faster. The new monitor give me more...

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New Name, New Site

My independent webdesign and programming work has been growing, so I decided to turn it into a business. I chose the name On the Grid Webdesign, because you want a website to be on the grid working for you even when you are not. This site now has its own domain and a...

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Our Portfolio

Scientific Research Software – Icy Moons

Project Abstract: The research seeks to increase knowledge and understanding of Europa's atmosphere. This will be accomplished by developing a three-dimensional atmospheric Monte-Carlo simulation where individual atoms, molecules and ions are generated and tracked...

Multisite Website and SEO Management – Comet

Comet is an admin only software that interfaces with websites that have the Stagecoach software installed and allows the admin to make changes to it. Like Stagecoach it was named after a chairlift at Heavenly, it was custom designed for Alpine Designs and Rank High....

Javascript Unit Converters

This was the first set of unit converters Chris built. There is a webpage for each type of unit and all calculations are done on the browser using Javascript, so the server doesn't do any of the work. They were built in 2000 and 2001 and haven't been worked on since....

Store Listing WordPress Plugin

This is a custom WordPress plugin designed to display a list of stores on a website in a random order. The store owners pay the website owner to get their stores listed. They are displayed in a responsive format that can be easily changed via CSS. As the page gets...

Trail Status WordPress Widget (1.0)

This WordPress widget plugin displays the status of three trails as Good, Fair or Poor along with a text description that is shown underneath the trails. This widget was custom designed for Tahoe Snowboards. It lets visitors know how the trails are in the area near...

Project Stagecoach

Reviews, Portfolio, Emails/Forms, Updates and Link Management Software This project started as several separate programs for handling emails, other forms and a update feed. Since they used the same basic functions and to make them easier to use, they were merged. On...

Rental Reservation WordPress Plugin

This web app was custom designed for Shoreline of Tahoe's Tahoe Snowboards Web Site. It is used to reserve snowboards, bikes and skis to rent. The site it was installed on uses WordPress, so a plugin was developed for a smooth integration. A guest can store the...

Sundance Filmguide

While at the Sundance Institute, Chris worked on many projects including the Film Guide for the 2014 Sundance Film Festival which was written in PHP. Some of the work he did included: Updated import from a Filemaker database into the MySQL database the site used....

Rapha Massage Park City

This website was rebuilt based on the old look done by another company on the their proprietary software. We put it on a new responsive theme so it is mobile friendly and can adapt to a range of screen sizes. Then it was enhanced for search engines (SEO) and call to...

Java Visualization Software

Chris built a Java program that used a visualization library that created these images from a dataset. There were multiple timesteps in the datasets, so the images could be combined into animations. The datasets were from a simulation of a coronal mass ejection from...

Unique Eyewear NYC

This website was moved from Weebly (a website builder site that is very limited) to a straight HTML site. No Javascript or PHP was even used. This is an example of how a great looking site can still have a simple backend....